The book of Revelation in the Bible is a real life drama.  Wait till you begin to understand its breakdown.  In a glance this Chart helps you to do just that. The whole Book of Revelation has been simplified to a one page visual.  This Web site and its chart are devoted to simplifying God's last Book to His Saints.  Why is it so scary?  Why does everyone seem to avoid it.  Is that what God wants?  No.. 'He's' the 'Author'.  'He' is 'Love'!  The opposite is what the enemy of our Soul wants us to think.  It is God's plan to prepare us to be.. "Spot & Wrinkle Free"!   As we seek after His Word "He" will help us gain a deeper understanding of this all important last Book written expressly to us.  We may very well be.. 'The Last Generation'.   Remember. The dead in Christ have already been through deception, war, famine, & death.  It is quite possible then that past  generations had cyclical characteristics similar to the first Six Seals.  Certainly the Gospel of Luke relates to the earlier 70 AD cycle.  And certainly Revelation is the last cycle. It is in this Book that God's Wrath & Vengeance that has been delayed is finally released. (But only after 'His' 'Bride' in Rev 7 is removed.)  So 'Horrendous' is "His" Wrath to come that all Creation is 'Hushed'.  There is a half hour of delayed "Silence" at this beginning of Seal 7.  It is here that God's Wrath & Satan's Wrath become concurrent, except (not to pun.).. God's Wrath will 'trump' & limit Satan's.  
     Trumpet 1 begins the Execution of the "Wrath of God".  It is no longer 'Mans Day' (Day of Grace) but "The Day of the Lord"!  "His Day" began with the 'Sealing of the 144,000' & the removal of "His" 'Bride'. (1Th 4:13-18) 

     (Seal 6's 'Cosmic Disturbance' had spoiled Satan's effort to 'Destroy all Flesh'..  Now 'God's Wrath' will come upon all who have not believed.  'His' 'Judgment' tarries to allow for 'His' lost 'Sheep' & His Covenant Nation, 'Israel'.)
"Satan's Wrath" is controlled by 'Jesus'.  Satan must get permission when dealing with God's People. (Job 1:9-11,12,21;2:6) "Satanic Authority was 'given' " in Seal 4 (Rv 13:4) to the Antichrist, no doubt, in exchange for the 'Kingdoms of the World'..  This is what had been offered, but denied by Jesus when He was on the Earth (Lk 4:5).  "Jesus" hadn't 'Eaten of the Apple'.  The '2nd Adam' was 'Victorious' over 'sin' (Evil).  Jesus does not deny that Satan had that authority to give.  Why?  Because it is the authority of 'Evil'.  Satanic, diabolical, wickedness.  'Good' versus 'Evil'.These are the two moral forces that we as free agents must face daily.  Jesus shows us the "Way" to do this.

     Our authority comes from God.  Only "He" is 'Good'. (Mk 10:18)  It was given to us by Jesus to destroy the works of the devil, even as "He" had. Mt 10:1, Lk 10:19, Jn 8:31, Col 2:15 
     Now as "Jesus" opens the Last of the Seven Seals.  We see Satan's Antichrist restricted to  1/3 of the Earth, Sea, Rivers, Heavens & People.  Does the 'deceiver' not know this?..  But then ..  he, Satan, will continue to 'deceive'.  His minions will think that he is in control, but he knows that his time is short.  It is limited to 3.5 years.  By the time of the 7th Seal that time had become shorter still.  He knows that he is on God's leash. Sin's Day is about over. Truth be told... Satan is simply a pawn; a 'Tool' of God's Wrath for purposes of 'Good'.  At least 'good' for those who are "His".(Dan 4:17, Jn 3:35-36) 
In Rev 10 'He' Delays no more.  Jesus personally takes "His" Great Power & Begins to Judge & Reign from Heaven at the 7th Trumpets outstart.  "Vengeance is Mine" is  finalized when "Jesus", feet step on the 'Mount of Olives' at the end of this 7th Seal which is also the end of the 7th Bowl.  No one has ever seen this kind of anger.  It is the Fierce Anger of the "Eternal God".  Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord.  (Read what Rv 16-18 has to say about this time.) "He" is "Back.  "He" is "On Earth" now as KING of Kings & LORD of Lords!  It is "His" '2nd Coming' to Earth &"He" tarried no more. Judgments had come at its 'Appointed Time".

     About one third to one half of the Bible is prophecy.

    The structure of Revelation defines location for all other scriptures throughout the Bible concerning these 'Last Days'.   If you study the writings of the Major and Minor Prophets, a good deal of that scripture talks about this general time of Jesus Second Coming which many believe began in 1948 when Israel received 'National Status' by the United Nations.  Revelation's main thrust however begins later with a 'False Peace Treaty'.  From that time onward will be the most amazing period that man has ever seen.  Revelation displays this period in exact order and structures the other Bible Books into its respective chronological cubby holes. We don't know the time or hour of these events but we do know the chronology, the overall  beginning, middle and end, based on God's seven year time period "He" had prophetically allocated.  We also are given a series of other timed events that will help in our understanding.  What other Book is like the Bible?  It is Alive & Active.. Heb 4:12   It is Prophetic.  It is, "The Way, the Truth, and the Life ..   'Eternal Life', for all those who "Believe" that "JESUS" "IS" the "WORD" come to Earth.  "He" 'IS' the"Only Begotten "Son of God"!  "He" 'IS' "God's" "Perfect" "LOVE" who died on a Cross at what is the 'Center' of 'Time' & all the 'Universe'..  "He" is its "Creator" and is to be "HIGHLY HONORED".  Who is like "HIM"?!!!

THE CHART was created to help make sense of Revelation as it correlates to the rest of scripture within the Bible.
This chart is completely free and is intended for unlimited personal use, as well as for use as a teaching tool, etc. 

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"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

~ Jeremiah 29:11

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